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2015 New Student Welcome Convocation and Dinner

Monday, September 21, 5:00 p.m.


Monday 3:00 PM: We are proceeding with New Student Welcome Convocation scheduled for 5pm on RIMAC Field.
Dinner that would normally be served to students following the ceremony will be served in the College dining hall. After the ceremony, students are to proceed to their College dining halls and present their UC San Diego ID cards.

  • Revelle: 64 Degrees
  • Muir: Pines
  • Marshall: Café Ventanas
  • Warren: Canyon Vista
  • Roosevelt: Café Ventanas
  • Sixth: Canyon View
View the Convocation Program

The 2015 New Student Welcome Convocation and Dinner is the top event of Welcome Week for all new students. As the inaugural academic event of the year, it marks your formal entrance into the UC San Diego academic community. Each year, over 5,000 new students attend the convocation and dinner with their colleges. Dinner with fellow new students and faculty is served on RIMAC Field immediately after the ceremony. To cover each student’s meal expense, $10 will be automatically deducted from the Dining Dollar account of all new freshmen and transfer students living on campus with a dining plan.

The weather can quickly cool down in the evening with the marine layer. Please bring a light sweater or jacket to the event.

At the conclusion of the convocation program, students are invited to eat dinner and meet with faculty at the rear of RIMAC field.

Featured Speakers

Faculty Speaker

Wayne Yang, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies

A recipient of UC San Diego’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Yang’s research focuses on the role of youth popular culture and education in the emergence of social movements. He was the co-founder of the Avenues Project, a non-project youth development organization, and also the co-founder of East Oakland Community High School. He worked in school system reform as part of Oakland Unified School District’s Office of School Reform and taught high school in Oakland for over 15 years.

Alumna Speaker

Coleen S. Sabatini, MD, MPH

Dr. Sabatini received her undergraduate degree from UC San Diego where she studied biology and dance. She received a Doctorate of Medicine (MD) and Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health. Currently, her clinical practice is based at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland where she serves as the Director of the Orthopaedic Surgery Service and Chief of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Sabatini is passionate about musculoskeletal education and access to quality musculoskeletal care for children both domestically and internationally. Her research focuses on disparities in health, access to care, and global health. Having been a dancer for most of her pre-professional life, Dr. Sabatini's passion for caring for children with orthopaedic problems is based in her own history of injuries and a commitment to helping others live an active and healthy life.

Your "I WILL" Statement

As the newest class of Tritons, you enter a community marked with explorers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and legends. Those who walked before you include astronauts, best-selling authors, CEO’s, award-winning playwrights, physicians and inventors. Which path will you take?

Follow the link below to share your goals and aspirations and stop by the Student Foundation booth to receive your class pin – a gift from the Class of 2015 !

  • I WILL…
  • "Always remember that as a graduate of UCSD anything is possible."
    • -Jae Hwan
  • "I will help implement urban gardening into areas of cities that need fresh food the most. "
    • -Ginger
  • "Work to improve the lives of others."
    • -Kevin
  • "I will advance the modern pacemaker/ICD."
    • -Irfan
  • "Take more chances."
    • -Natasha
  • "I will take full advantage of all of the amazing opportunities offered to me at UCSD."
    • -Mackenzie

  • Declare your legacy at: